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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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In the June 2017 issue we feature the following:

April 2017 issue of Main Street Magazine

The content of Main Street Magazine focuses on featuring the people, businesses, places, history, curiosities and important local issues within this area, in features and in in-depth stories.

Men, Mounts, & Mountains

Most agree that polo began as a kind of “folk game,” played by nomadic tribesman in central Asia. Many sources also argue that polo originated in Persia (modern-day Iran) at or around the sixth century BC. READ ARTICLE

Women’s Work

Once upon a time, on the tiny island country of Iceland, women across the land took a day off. From farms to factories, schools to shops, and homes to hospitals and hotels, women decided to let their brethren know their worth. READ ARTICLE

Invasion of the Property Snatchers

Did you know that an ecological battle of Gettysburgian proportions is being waged along the Mason-Dixon lines of property owners throughout our area? And were you aware that even our food web awaits the outcome of these battles?

Anticipating an Artistic Summer

If you’re Johnson Henshaw, Artistic Director of The Sharon Playhouse, those bucolic snapshots couldn’t be more out of sequence. For Johnson, it’s summer. It’s time to really get to work. It’s time to manage the stresses and strains of putting on his first season with the Playhouse and hoping – rather, believing – that these next three months will be a towering success.