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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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October 2019

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Faith Alive

He was born into a time when religions and culture were shifting rapidly, often colliding. Multiple denominations were vying for followers, but church membership was in decline. Rationalism and skepticism was on the rise.

Jonathan Lee

His name was Jonathan Lee, and as he grew up […]

The Railroad’s Lasting Impact

Railroads are, for the most part, an almost forgotten part of life in Dutchess County. Oh sure, we can still hop onto a Metro North train and travel to New York City from stations to the south. But the enormous influence the iron […]

The 29th Connecticut Infantry

While the Civil War has been the subject of nearly 100,000 books, there are, amazingly, still important stories to be told. One such story is that of the 29th Connecticut Infantry, an African American unit nearly forgotten by history. It is the subject […]

5 Generations of Antiques Dealers

Montage Antiques of “antiques row” (as we affectionately refer to it here at Main Street Magazine) in Millerton, NY, is a true family affair.

When did you open in Millerton?

We opened our store four and a half years ago, and this summer we bought […]

Word on the street is…

Former Students host the 14th Annual Taconic Hills Alumni Soccer Game

A community game in honor of fallen students. This Sunday, September 29, as the afternoon sun shines down over Copake’s idyllic park, a game will be played among friends, neighbors, and members of the local community. The 14th Annual Taconic Hills Alumni Soccer Game and Chicken BBQ will be held on [...]

The Noble Horizons Auxiliary Achieves Fundraising Milestone

The Noble Horizons’ Auxiliary has accomplished what few fundraising organizations have achieved, but which many wish for over the course of a lifetime. This year, the Auxiliary will pass the One Million Dollar mark as it also celebrates 40 years of fundraising at Noble Horizons in Salisbury which offers retirement, [...]

Main Streets be like, “Whoa!”

Night Walks Promises to Captivate

Artist Peter Fritsch finds realism in nocturnal landscapes. Beginning on Saturday October 5 and continuing through December 16, at the Burke Hall Gallery located at the St. John in the Wilderness church in Copake Falls NY, enthusiasts, visitors, and avid seekers of the alluring nightscapes of the backroads of the Hudson Valley will be equally thrilled by Night Walks presented by local artist Peter Fritsch. Peter Nicholas Fritsch (a.ka. Nick) began his celebrated life as a painter studying both painting and drawing [...]

The Artist’s Rural Escape

Art Omi in Ghent personifies Hudson Valley Art. There are few things as wonderfully experienced as when two seemingly unrelated aspects of our world come together to form a unique marriage that leaves us both curious as to its inception, and overcome by its sublime success. Such is the case with art and the environment, or rather, art’s implementation into our environment. In Ghent NY, located on three hundred acres of pastoral Hudson Valley landscape, Art Omi has presented our area [...]

Rankings & Reviews

Top Five Wines at Hudson Chatham Winery

One of the most enduring aspects of exploring the Hudson Valley is finding those spots that offer the world class views we have come to expect, the lushness of upstate New York’s natural world, and a little something for our own spirits to enjoy. As you saunter through this historic region during these dog days of summer, allow yourself a bit of respite, and perhaps imbibe at one of the area’s many idyllic vineyards. Here are five of our favorites from the [...]

10 fashion faux pas

High rise jeans with crop tops Crocs with socks Sandals with socks Pajamas outside of your house Active wear when you're not being active Equestrian wear / apparel when you don't even ride! Clothes that just don't fit, i.e. too big / small Pull up your pants, no one wants to see your underwear or crack Too much makeup Knowing when to tuck or leave your shirt un-tucked.

Real Estate

Real estate in the Town of Sharon, Connecticut

Unchanging Sharon, the long view. Real estate in the Town of Sharon, Connecticut Main Street published our first and only to date article about the Sharon, CT, real estate market exactly six years ago in 2013 just as home prices everywhere were making an unsteady recovery. We look way back to 2003 to see what had happened and where we are now. (You can check for yourself by going online to the August 2013 issue at www.mainstreetmag.com and select “past issues”). Sharon’s [...]

Animals & Outdoors

What You Feed Your Cat or Dog

Pet owners know that what you feed your cat or dog can be just as important as how much love and attention you give them. According to longtime dog owner, pet lover, and dog groomer Hayley Cooper, salon manager at PetSmart in Greenport NY., fish is the way to go. "Feeding your pets food with any kind of fish based nutrients helps to moisturize and take care of their skin from the inside out. Her experience in the pet grooming industry has [...]

Health & Beauty


Who doesn’t love a good slice of bacon, is there anything more representative of an American morning than the familiar sounds and smells of a mouth watering piece of bacon sizzling over a hot frying pan. However, despite the popularity of this sprightly piece of pork, it remains debatable whether or not the risks outweigh the tasty reward. Here are a few things to watch out for when it comes to bacon according to Reader’s Digest Cardiovascular diseases- a lot of the [...]