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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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In the June 2018 issue we feature the following:

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The content of Main Street Magazine focuses on featuring the people, businesses, places, history, curiosities and important local issues within this area, in features and in in-depth stories.

Kristin Swati of FawnShoppe.com: E-COMMERCE ON MAIN STREET

Kristin Swati started her e-commerce business www.fawnshoppe.com in Lower Manhattan after leaving a career in finance. The internet-only shopping site offers high quality children’s clothing and toys as well as home goods for all ages. She relocated her creative and fulfillment operations to Main Street in Millerton, NY, in 2016. Main Street Magazine interviewed her over coffee at Irving Farm. Read More ->


It’s not Main Street’s M.O. to drop a journalistic bombshell – but it is now. I’m blowing the cover on two heroes in our midst. Dentist Martin Nweeia and photographer Joseph Meehan are scientifically, visually, and respectfully kicking butt and taking names for the sake of the mythic, but very real Arctic Narwhal. Read More ->

Embracing Roosevelt’s Legacy

FDR guided the country through the Great Depression and created the “New Deal,” which fed and employed millions of men and women. He also built infrastructure and parks that are still in use today. FDR also led America to victory over Nazi Ger-many and its allies, and spearheaded the alliance between the US, Britain, and the Soviet Union. He also coined the name “United Nations.”

The magic is in the Music

The Wikipedia definition seems so sanitized: “Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.” What about “magic” and “emotion” and “mystery?” If you don’t believe those terms should be included in the basic definition, then check in with Gwynn Griffin and her husband, Kim Scharn-berg. Time and sound are certainly part of their story, but so are magic, emotion, and mystery.