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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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In the February 2018 issue we feature the following:

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The content of Main Street Magazine focuses on featuring the people, businesses, places, history, curiosities and important local issues within this area, in features and in in-depth stories.

Telling the story: Parry Teasdale, Editor & Publisher, THE COLUMBIA PAPER

I have known Parry since the inception of his Columbia Paper, and he and his staff have done a wonderful job of bringing everyone the news, weekly to boot! In a time when a lot of publications are folding and people say that “print is dead,” I thought it pertinent to share with you how and why print can thrive with the right folks behind it and with the right stories. Read More >

Love is in the air

It’s almost time for cuddly cupids, heart-shaped cookies, blooming bouquets, and sweet messages of love. Before even committing to booking or cooking an intimate dinner and ruminating over gift ideas, lovebirds should take a moment to refl ect on the history of Valentine’s Day.

Service with a smile

Last summer Olivia May (18) and her mother Mary O’Neill volunteered with the non-profit Simply Smiles on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in La Plant, South Dakota, where they have worked since 2009. Olivia was a summer intern and Mary was one of the scores of weekly volunteers who come to the Reservation each summer. Read More >

A Student’s Plea for Much-Needed Education Reform

Madi-son is one of the students I selected and she wanted to write about her frustra-tions with the education system. I was intrigued to hear her opinions, as she is a student whom the system directly affects, so who better to offer her critique and opinions on the matter?