In the July 2019 issue we feature the following:

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The Professional

On a rainy afternoon before 52 Main started serving tapas and wine at 4pm, I sat down with Eleanor “El” Nurzia to talk about her career. El explained her history in the restaurant business starting at age 16 and how she decided to open a tapas restaurant in the Village of Millerton seven years ago. Read More ->

Terni’s: Defining a Century in Small Town America

For the residents of Millerton, NY, many of whom have spent their entire lives with the image of a modest, nineteenth century, three story saloon-style sporting goods store permanently etched into their mosaic of memories, history feels like the contours in the carved wood of a Native American figure who guards the entrance to the wonders of penny candy and milkshakes. Read More ->

Lucky Pursuits

A red door embellished with a fierce gold dragon and shiny nail-heads greets guests at Lucky Dragon – a stylish Chinese restaurant that invites foodies to enjoy a “farm-to-chopsticks” experience in Rhinebeck, NY. The Asian-inspired dining destination, which was unveiled in April 2019, is accented with a kaleidoscope of bold, colorful lanterns, as well as images of Buddha and the ubiquitous “beckoning cat” that is believed to usher good luck to Asian businesses.  Read More ->

Pilobolous: Elegance, Athletics, and Imagination

It all seems so obvious. Why wouldn’t people flock to a performance by a group named for a barnyard phototropic fungus that propels its spores toward sunlight with great speed, accuracy, and strength? When Pilobolus welcomes audiences to its Five Senses Festival starting July 21, that’s exactly what will transpire. Read More ->