In the May 2019 issue we feature the following:

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Keeps Me Out of Jail

First impressions often do not lie. Meeting Istvan Banyai, a celebrated artist, animator, and designer who has chosen to live in the bucolic setting of Lakeville, CT, one is im-mediately impressed with the fact that in a very elegant “European” way, Istvan is a gentleman. Read More ->

Growing a Family Business

Monday afternoons are a quiet time to test drive a car or talk to the head of a multi-brand auto dealership. Kristin Ruge, the President of Ruge Automo-tive talked to Main Street about her unconventional path from restaurant owner to managing the operations of a family business. Read More ->

Life on the Rail Roads

Railroads were once vital links from agrarian Dutchess County to New York City and beyond, hauling produce and products from the many farms that once dotted the landscape. The rail lines that ran across the local landscape like metal spider webs also carried passengers to and from the small towns of the area to near and far away places.  Read More ->

Walking with History

Though the famous bustle of New York City with its vast urban environment has earned its namesake as “the greatest city on earth” and thus has defined the very identity of the rest of the state for many Americans, traveling up one of the most famous waterways in the country and hiking the vast network of trails the Hudson River Valley has to offer, one may discover what both artists and locals have come to know for generations. The true spirit of what New York has meant to so many for so long lies within its lush and effervescent natural world. Here are ten spots to hike and explore as you walk in the footsteps of heritage and history. Read More ->