In the March 2019 issue we feature the following:

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Where to Send Your Best Friend

My wife Kirby and I started the ken-nel in 1986 with just a few runs on our lower farm. Gradually we noticed a need for a bigger kennel so we built a larger one in 2000 with the latest construction methods and design ap-proach including radiant floors, cen-tral air conditioning, and large runs. We’ve been in business about 33 years. Read More ->

Cannabis legalization

In New York, Governor Cuomo has announced his intention to legalize recreational marijuana. According to a January 2019 Quinnipiac poll, 65% of New York residents support the measure. What should we expect for our local economy and real estate values? And what is the difference between CBD and THC – the active ingredients of hemp and marijuana? Read More ->

The Myth of the Mountain Lion

Yet, in talking with some people in the area, there are some devoted naturalists who will swear on their mother’s grave that they have seen mountain lions in our area, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.  Read More ->

Falcons and Falconry

Once upon a time, we humans had to hunt for our food, and not in the aisles of markets, but in the great outdoors. Having neither sharp claws, large teeth, great speed, nor wings, we had to rely on our smarts, and that meant finding help.