In the August 2016 issue we feature the following:

August 2016 issue of Main Street Magazine

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A big Columbia County town

The Town of Claverack is big in every way. With over 6,000 residents, Claverack has a relatively large popu-lation – after Kinderhook the second most populous town in the county.

Cache me if you can!

What is geocaching? Very simply, it's the process of searching for a "cache" that's been hidden based on very specific coordinates on a map. READ MORE

Group rides in the great outdoors

From June to August, bike festivals of all stripes entice scores of people to dress up in embarrassingly tight getups and join their tribe in celebration of wheeled culture.

The Malta Experience

It didn't take us long to discover that Malta, a tiny nation composed of three islands, has a history unsur-passed by others many times its size.

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