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Dark Skies Above Us

In 1994, when all the lights were extinguished in the Los Angeles region due to the power blackout created by a big earthquake, emergency call centers were inundated with panicky calls fearful of a large cloud in the dark night sky. People had no idea of what it was, because they previously had never observed the celestial mag-nificence of the darkened firmament, suddenly unpolluted by millions of light sources in that mega city region. Read More ->

The Origins of Earth Day

Every April 22, people across the globe unite to celebrate Earth Day – the largest environmentalist movement worldwide. Together, they embrace environmental activism and support the protection of our planet. Beyond their efforts to clean waterways, plant trees, minimize pollution, and reduce climate change, they promote awareness of environmental issues. Read More ->

Reduce, Reuse, and…

There was a time in the 1990s and early 2000s when recycling helped us feel better about our environmental impact. As programs sprouted in nearly every community and, single-stream programs made the process easier for consumers, we felt a sense of urgency in our weekly deposits. By 2009, Connecticut had managed to divert 65% of plastics from landfills through recycling and incineration. If we all did our part, the planet would be okay. Or so we thought.  Read More ->

Doing All We Can to Protect Where We Live

Unfortunately, our environment has become a political football. Is the climate changing as a result of human activity or not? Don’t we all want the healthiest environment possible for our children, ourselves, and our grandchildren? Is that not a universal value? Let’s avoid discussing the politics, and examine what we can do to safeguard our waters, air, soil, oceans, food and food chain, the fauna and flora everywhere, and our atmosphere. Read More ->