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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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In the October 2018 issue we feature the following:

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The content of Main Street Magazine focuses on featuring the people, businesses, places, history, curiosities and important local issues within this area, in features and in in-depth stories.

Arrosmith Forge

Our business has changed enormously. Though Arrowsmith began as a two-person custom shop, by the 80s and 90s we had 25 employees and we made home accessories, furniture, and lighting for high-end, luxury American companies like Brunschwig & Fils, Waterworks, and Pierre Deux. We moved into production because Fletcher was exhausted by the learning curve of custom iron; he thought we’d do better as a production forge. Debra knocked on doors of stores and design centers all over New York and we advertised in trade magazines. Arrowsmith could make whatever clients wanted – furniture, chandeliers, hinges – anything metal. Our lines of limited, high-end production took off. Read More ->

The Landed Gentry of Dutchess County

Millbrook conjures up a very specific vision: horse fences, pheasant shoot-ing, Land Rovers, polo, tweeds, fox hunting, secluded estates, and the discreet wealthy. Located in the center of Dutchess County, the “Millbrook” lifestyle is lived in The Town of Wash-ington, not the separately incorpo-rated village of Millbrook.

The History of Millbrook, NY

Millbrook, as we know it today, has strong, deep roots that date all the way back to the 1860s. On what had been the old Isaac Haight farm, the village was laid out by Franklin Merritt in 1865-1869. Merritt had great incentive to develop the land because he knew of the plans about building a railroad line through the area, a railroad brought to the area by George Hunter Brown, whose estate was Millbrook’s namesake. Not only did Merritt create the plans for the small town, but he also rather shamelessly named two of the main roads that passed through: Franklin Avenue and Merritt Avenue. Though his plans were assembled in the 1860s, it was not until late 1895 that Millbrook officially became an incorporated village. Read More ->

Tally-Ho to the Millbrook Hunt

If you’re going to get to know Millbrook, NY, you’re going to get to know The Millbrook Hunt. It’s been a part of the place since 1889, though its formal recognition didn’t come until 1907. Still, that’s over 100 years ago. And if the tradition of foxhunting seems out of place in a fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s a pleasure and a relief to know that it is as entrenched as ever in the rolling countryside a mere 88 miles from Manhattan. Read More ->