In the October 2016 issue we feature the following:

October 2016 issue of Main Street Magazine

The content of Main Street Magazine focuses on featuring the people, businesses, places, history, curiosities and important local issues within this area, in features and in in-depth stories.

Bustling Crossroads

For the first time, this month’s Main Street real estate feature takes a look at what’s happening in Columbia County’s Hillsdale, NY.

The hidden secrets and historic highlights of Hillsdale, NY

One of the strangest secrets of Hillsdale’s history is that few facts, names, and general records seem to have been kept. READ MORE

In the hills of Hillsdale

The South Taconic Trail, a path that lies a few miles parallel to the more famous Appalachian Trail, is a perfect place to learn about backpacking.

School of Rock: 40 years of Fleshtone

An interview with Peter Zaremba.

Redmond OCT 2016 AD