Advertising in Main Street Magazine

Commercial Advertising

Size 1x insertion 3x insertion 6x insertion 12x insertion
Full $1,400 $1,385 $1,318 $1,279
Half $700 $679 $659 $640
Quarter $350 $340 $330 $321
Eighth $175 $170 $165 $161
Back* $2,000 $1,920 $1,882 $1,826
Inside back* $1,500 $1,455 $1,412 $1,370
Inside front (x2)* $1,700 $1,649 $1,600 $1,552

Online Advertising

Size 1x insertion 3x insertion 6x insertion 12x insertion
Home Page Ad $125 $119 $113 $107
Interior Medium Ad $60 $57 $54 $51


There are many benefits to advertising in Main Street Magazine. The clear advantage of advertising in this magazine versus other similar full color monthly magazines is that we are focused. This magazine is about the people, businesses, and curiosities in this area FOR the people, businesses, and consumers within this area. For that reason, our distribution is more focused, while other similar magazines cover a larger area, often from Poughkeepsie to Vermont. But what relevance is that to a local business? The majority of business done in our region is done within a 50 mile (give or take) radius of a person’s home. It is more advantageous to our local advertisers to market to local consumers, and those are exactly our readers.

MAIN STREET MAGAZINE IS… a 9×12 full color, 48-60 page monthly magazine that comes out on or around the first of the month. Ad deadline is the 15th of the month prior. The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Hudson, Claverack and Hillsdale south through Copake and Ancramdale NY down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York; from Great Barrington through South Egremont MA and south into Canaan CT; further south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut down to Kent and New Preston – and everything in between – with Millerton at it’s center.

The advantages of advertising in Main Street Magazine (MSM) are:

  • It gets picked up at all distribution locations and is well read.
  • Its ad rates are some of the most affordable ad rates in the area.
  • Since inception, the magazine has grown both in page count as well as in distribution and paper prices have increased, BUT even with that growth, the magazine’s ad rates have remained the same.
  • It is a local publication that focuses on local topics of interest.
  • Due to the content, the magazine resonates with the local residents as well as visitors to the area.
  • Its distribution area is focused to a specific geographic area, with Millerton at its center.
  • The focused distribution is an advantage for advertisers because the majority of people shop and hire services within a 50 mile radius of their home.
  • The quality of the publication, both in the design and printing, is something that the readers always comment on and appreciate, increasing the magazine’s appeal.
  • The editor always strives to make sure that the magazine is both beautiful as well as content-rich, and that the ads are well displayed.
  • The editor makes sure that all ad page layouts are such that the ads compliment each other, that there aren’t two competing ads, and that each ad has their respective space and can shine on its own with their placement and subject-matter (or to the best of her ability to ensure that).
  • The editor and ad sales representatives always try to help their advertisers with recommendations about their ads, whether it be design, content, or placement, to try and ensure that they get the maximum exposure for their ad – which will hopefully help with their return on investment.
  • Throughout the year there are a number of themed issues, such as the “automobile,” “wedding” and “food and drink” issue. These themed issues appeal to a wider audience, allow for the examination of a specific topic that has a greater appeal and resonates with our location and readership.
  • The magazine is delivered each month by the magazine’s two ad sales representatives, and not by an outside vendor. This allows for a personal touch and it also gives a very hands-on approach to where the magazines are distributed, how quickly they are picked up in locations, and the sales representatives are able to communicate with the readers and advertisers.
  • All of the magazine’s staff is either from this area or lives here full time, and for that reason they have intimate knowledge of the geographic area.
  • It is always distributed on or around the first of every month and is usually one of the first monthly publications to hit newsstands. It is also one of the first publications to be gone by the second and third week of the month. The magazine’s readers know when it comes out and are waiting to pick up their copy.
  • Above all, the entire MSM staff strives to create a great magazine each month – one which all of its readers will want to pick up and read, and to be enticed by the advertisers’s ads.

PRINT ADS: Full page 8.5×11 | Back page full bleed 9×12 Half page 8.5×5.42 | Quarter page 4.19×5.42 Eighth page 4.19×2.63

ONLINE ADS: Medium 180×150 pixels

ADVERTISING REQUIREMENTS… the magazine is printed in full color on beautiful satin paper, for optimal enhancement of ads and photos. All advertisers are offered FREE ad design, if they so require. Ads and photos need to be high resolution (at least 300dpi) PDFs, JPGs, Tiffs, or EPS files. Please embedd fonts and make sure submitted files are of press quality. All files can be emailed to Ashley Kristjansson at

The ad deadline is the 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR for all camera-ready ads. All ads that need to design assistance from Main Street Magazine’s design department need to submit all of their content (logos, text, pictures) by the 10TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR. And please make sure that all logos and images are high resolution.

TERMS… We require upfront payment from new- and political advertisers. Net 30 is allowed for established advertisers, while delinquent accounts may lose ad priviledges and discounts. Main Street Magazine reserves the right to refuse advertising, and is not responsible for advertising errors whereas all ads receive final approval by the advertiser. Advertisers are legally responsible for the content and claims that are made in their ads.

CONTACT US… All checks should be made out to Main Street Magazine. Our office is located at 52 Main Street, Millerton, NY 12546 while our mailing address is PO Box 165, Ancramdale, NY 12503. Call 518 592 1135 or email for all further questions and or comments. Thank you.