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Home alone

Mom and Dad packed up this past weekend, with baby sister in-tow, and headed the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Leaving me home alone and left to my own devices, and by devices I mean laying with the remote pretending Animal Planet was on the television. That’s not to say I didn’t have a full weekend […]

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Let’s Make Home Happen for Rumple!


The shelter is located on Route 9G also known as Violet Avenue. From Route 9 (either the North or South), turn on to St. Andrews Road (also known as County Route 40A). Follow the road to end at the intersection of 9G. Turn right and make an immediate left into the shelter. The […]

2019-10-12T18:40:22-04:00October 12th, 2019|

The Writing Life – James Agee in Hillsdale – Part 2

Agee left Fortune to join Time magazine as book reviewer and film critic. In 1942 he moved to The Nation where his film criticism found a growing circle of intellectual admirers, including W.H. Auden, who wrote “In my opinion, [Agee’s] column is the most remarkable regular event in American journalism today.” As a film reviewer, […]

2019-10-11T08:57:00-04:00October 10th, 2019|

Training Tiny Humans

It’s all fun and games until yours truly gets receives one too many loves taps that are little more tap than love. My mom constantly tells my baby sister to, “be gentle with Otis” but my sister can hardly contain her excitement at the thought of becoming a crazy cat lady (not that I can […]

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116 East Ancram Rd, Ancramdale, NY


John A Avenia

Margaret K Bower Avenia

Deal of the Week

Ideally situated in the town of Ancram, you will find this quaint farmhouse on almost 55 acres of unspoiled farmland and wooded hillside. The property consists of two separate parcels, each 25+ acres in size. The first parcel […]

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This film may be a welcome relief from the “adult” fare that is populating theaters as the ramp up to “OSCAR Season” continues.  If the intended audience is a bit too young for “Joker” and unenthused by the prospect of 2 hours of “Downton Abbey,” then “Abominable” may just be the outing you’re looking […]

2019-10-07T19:27:14-04:00October 7th, 2019|

The Writing Life – James Agee in Hillsdale – Part 1

James Agee was a commanding literary voice in mid-20th-century America: an extraordinarily versatile writer who in his lifetime won acclaim as a novelist, poet, and screenwriter. He is buried on a farm in Hillsdale.

That’s not big news. But we’ve also been told for years that he never actually lived in Hillsdale.  That seemed odd.  Why […]

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The title character’s performance is magical.  Oscar-worthy. Mesmerizing.

The cinematography by Lawrence Sher presents the gritty, hard-edged beauty of New York City in rich detail.

The musical score by Icelandic composer Hildur Guonadottir elevates the role of the cello to full stardom.

But, “Joker” is a movie without a soul.

The “tent pole” film from Warner Brothers is an unabashed […]

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