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Katterskill Gallery
Catskill Mountain Foundation
7971 Main St., Hunter, NY  12442
Robert Tomlinson, Gallery Director


February 23- March 30, 2019
Mountain of Gold:  A Mini Retrospective
Rodney Alan Greenblatt
The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Kaaterskill Gallery is delighted an honored to present the first overview of New York artist and Catskill resident, Rodney Alan Greenblat.
Greenblat is a multi-talented visual artist, poet and songwriter/ composer.
He is widely known for his participation in the groundbreaking events and exhibitions that began in the East Village in the 1980’s, starting with regular showings of his paintings, sculptures and drawings at the Gracie Mansion Gallery.
This exhibition will offer an overview of mixed-media sculptures, large and small acrylic paintings, prints and drawings from the last 30 years.
Rodney Alan Greenblat and poet Karen Schoemer will appear on WIOX (91.3 FM) on Remarkable People on Thursday, March 14th  @
April 6- May 18, 2019
Reception:  Saturday, April 6th, 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Double CROSS
Linda Cross & John Cross
The Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Kaaterskill Gallery is delighted an honored to present the mixed-media paintings and drawings by Linda Cross and hand carved, wooden figure carvings by John Cross.
Married since 1962, Linda and John Cross have formed a supportive relationship that nurtures their independent artistic practices.  Each artist has chosen to work with simple, readily available materials.  John’s process of carving sugar pine requires basic woodworking tools, mainly a small carving knife and paints.  Linda’s studio is stocked with various types of paper, styrofoam scraps and acrylic paints.  Although they work at different ends of the house, they enjoy discussing their work with each other and depend on exchanging ideas and suggestions.  Art has been a strong force in their lives.  Both artists have illustrious resumes with many gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as being involved in founding Art Omi in Ghent, NY.  A color catalog is available with an introductory essay by Robert C. Morgan.
(Works courtesy of Carrie Haddad gallery.)