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This Month’s Featured Article…

Art Captured Through the Lens

By CB Wismar | arts@mainstreetmag.com

Joseph Meehan’s moment of clarity may have come in the cold light of an early Arctic morning. There was a rattling at the front of his tent. Not a knock, since it is very difficult to […]

May 28th, 2019|

An Idle Monument

By Griffin Cooper | info@mainstreetmag.com

Twenty years have passed since the Roe Jan building held its final classes and closed its doors for the last time. Twenty years since anyone disembarked the early morning bus and, with puffy eyes, strolled through […]

May 28th, 2019|

Passing the Reins

By Ian Strever | info@mainstreetmag.com

In a 2012 report by the Social Security Administration, officials estimated that 10,000 Americans would retire each day over the next nineteen years. In other words, retirement isn’t exactly news-worthy these days.

May 28th, 2019|

Bold Beauty

By Regina Molaro | info@mainstreetmag.com

Style, color, and an entrepreneurial spirit has long been a part of Gun Nowak’s lifestyle and livelihood. In the early 1980s, she had a trio of chic fashion boutiques in Sweden. In 1982, the visionary rechanneled […]

May 28th, 2019|